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Conor McGregor VS Referee Marc Goddard | WATCH

So once again the world famous Conor McGregor is making headlines after he dives into the Bellator cage and appears to attack the MMA referee Marc Goddard.

The Notorious world champion attended the event to show support to his pal Charlie Ward when fighting John Redmond in Dublin, Ireland.

Ward KO'd Redmond in the very first round of the fight when Marc Goddard stepped in to wave off the end of the round (NOT THE FIGHT!)

However, McGregor being McGregor, jumped straight into the cage to celebrate his friends victory before apparently slapping a member of the commission straight in the face.

Conor McGregor

Goddard was very quick to try and force Conor out of the cage by pushing him in his chest. Of course it probably isn't the brightest idea to start pushing a two-weight world champion around the cage. So as you can imagine, Conor reacted exactly how we'd all expect and started to push Goddard as he was attending to Redmond who was still on the canvas.

After being dragged off by his crew, Conor eventually left the cage in a 'McGregor Style' and raised his arms to the crowd while receiving an applause.

I'm sure this wont be the last we hear of this spat between McGregor and Goddard as UFC president Dana White has cracked down hard on fighters touching referee's in the past.

I guess this is why we love him #TeamMcGregor

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