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Custom Sports Kits | Newton Fire FC

Newton Fire FC

In the picture above, you will see the talented Newton Fire FC wearing their totally bespoke football kits.

Back in 2017, the team at Powergrip Sport decided that we wanted to work much more closely with local sports clubs to help young people get active and find a new passion.

What we wanted to do was offer our design and manufacturing services to sports teams in the local area at a hugely discounted price.

We approached a small number of clubs within a 20 mile radius to let them know about the services that we had to offer. We told them that we could design and create any sportswear to suit their needs, from football kits to custom made tracksuits.

Within just a few days, we were approached by Carl (pictured to the right) who was the coach for the U15's Newton Fire team. He told me that his team were looking for a brand new kit.

We were told that he needed 20 'Newcastle inspired' kits with red trims and socks.

This is the initial design that we supplied to the club before a couple of tweaks were made, such as changing the Crew Neck to a V-Neck and adding white stripes to the socks.

Carl had managed to secure Lidl as a sponsor for their club so we decided to use the red color from the Lidl's logo on the trim of the kit and socks. We were extremely honoured that the Newton Fire team trusted us with the responsibly of designing their new kit and we were very keen to make sure we got it just right. However, there were a few hiccups along the way...... As this was our first time ever producing something like this, we had a few issues with the sizing which meant we had to replace the kits not once... but twice!

Our team were very exited to get this project done and make sure it was done properly, so you can only imagine our disappointment when it didn't all go to plan. Anyway, we finally managed to get the final product and we were extremely happy with it.

This process taught us a lot of things about how we can improve our service and make sure we get things right first time in the future.

As a result of this, we are once again offering our 'Local Discount' to sports teams within 20 miles of Torbay.

It doesn't matter what sports team you are weather you're a Rugby Club, Football Club, Tennis Club, Gymnastics club, Boxing club or anything else.

Send us and email if you would like to take advantage of this discount -


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Cheap Quality Sports Kits available for anyone within 20 miles of Torbay - Custom made / Add your logo.

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