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Check out Jonny Hammond's latest vlog where he takes you on a day in the life of himself.

After securing his new job working at a gym, its only fair that he throws in a quick workout to help you guys keep fit. In this video he will talk you through a circuit to help you lose fat and get yourself looking lean.

He brings along his pro golfer cousin, Cammy Long who is of course repping one of our Powergrip Sport training tees which will be released at the beginning of November.

Jonny also takes a trip down to his hometown of Birmingham to take you behind the scenes while he shoots some 'Fire shots' for a couple of brands with @Matt_Shoots.

We hope you enjoyed his video as much as we did and we can't wait to work with Jonny and Cammy in the very near future.


Check them out on Instagram at:



Make sure you go and subscribe to his channel:

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