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Shaun Pelayo


Shaun Pelayo,

Is a 26 year male model based in Birmingham. Before he got into modeling/influencing I worked in various specialist schools teaching young learners who struggle to fit in a mainstream environment. A big part of what I would teach and how I would teach is Sport.


Sport has always been the backbone of my career. I've been involved in organised sport all my life and have always excelled in it. My first love was football, I played county level and even went abroad as a child to Play in Germany. However, it was basketball that really took over my life. I used it as vehicle, it's the only reason I went to college and university, just so I could compete and train and at a higher level.

After university I was offered a scholarship to study more and play on a professional team. So in conclusion, sport has massively influenced my life so I'm happy to be an ambassador for sports based brand



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