May 2, 2018

So you've found this article as you're probably looking to purchase a new type of grip to enhance your pole game.


I'm guessing that you've never used a grip enhancer before, or you're just struggling to find one that suits you. Fortunately, we have something for you.


Over the last few weeks, we have had a huge number of people ask us the difference between our grip solutions. 


A lot of you would never of had the opportunity to test out our fantastic grip enhancers, but if you have, I'm guessing you came back for more...

Unlike other pole grip companies, we have tried to cater for everyone and this is why we have developed 2 different grips. 

1. Our 1st grip that we released is a powder formula which is perfect for people that struggle with sweaty hands. It uses the moisture that is already on your hand to create a grip solution. The great thing is that you only need to use the tiniest amount and when the grip starts to wear off, you simply just rub a small amount of water in to your hands to re-activate it. If you're familiar with Mighty Grip, you'll be sure to love this, its a similar formula accept you get almost double the amount.