Beginners Guide To Getting Fit

So you woke up this morning and took a long hard look at yourself. 

You've decided that you want change but you have no idea where to start.


Luckily for you, we have all been there (usually more than once).

So, maybe things haven't always worked out in the past but this time is going to be different. 

You feel more committed than ever and nothing is going to stop you this time.

As I said, we have all been there and the first thing we do is jump onto google and search "How to get fit"or "Get fit quick" and hopefully that's how you found this blog (along with 10 billion others). Most sites will tell you that you will be looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger after spending 15 minutes reading their post. This is obviously NOT TRUE, we can give you the knowledge but fitness requires Commitment, Patience & Hard Work. So, if you're still interested, let's get to it.



Remember the last time you tried this? The last time you set a goal and didn't achieve it?

Let's think about how much success you had? why did you fail? well, whatever you were doing, it obviously didn't work for you.


There is NO POINT in using the same method as you did last time. It didn't work for you then and its not going to work for you now. If you do the same thing over and over, you will keep on getting the same results. 

No matter what you have tried before, whether its running, boxing, starving or restricting yourself to certain foods...... It didn't work for YOU. Things like this may work for other people but everyone is different and it's important to find the right program to suit you. 


Our 3 main keys to success are:

Motivation / Inspiration - Why are you doing this? 

Education - How are you going to do it?

Support - We all need support through tough times and if you want to succeed, believe me... it's going to be tough.


Now you know the secret. Our aim is combine these 3 rules to help you look and feel better than ever



What is your motivation? Why do you want to get fit so badly? 

  • To pick up hotter guys / girls?

  • Worried about your health?

  • Jealous of a friend (or enemy)?

  • Fed up with the way you look?

  • To prove to everyone that you can do it?

  • Are you heading to Ibiza or Marbella this summer?

Whatever your reason is, just make sure you have one or it makes it ALOT harder to stay committed. Make a quote and frame it! Just remember why you're working so hard and ensure that you're motivation is always on your mind.


What has inspired you?


Have you been reading success stories?

Have you watched some motivational Youtube video's?

Have you visited a fitness event?


Inspiration is perfect for re-visiting when you're having a hard day or feeling unmotivated. You can always go back and re-read your success story or re-watch the youtube video to give you that extra boost of motivation.




The important part..... here is where you decide exactly what you are hoping to achieve so that you can put a plan in place to help you reach your goal.

  • Write down your goals and plan exactly how you will reach them. 

  • Set deadlines and be strict, write it on your calendar.

  • Remember that you have to be patient and you will not transform overnight. Also understand that this is a change of lifestyle change and not just a temporary fix. Know that there is no such thing as 'going on a diet'. Your diet is what you eat and drink on a day to day basis. 

So, you've tried this before and not succeeded. It's extremely important to identify why you failed. This may have been because you didn't see results and gave up or maybe you were just scared of hard work. 

Be clever and learn from this. Think of ways you can avoid or deal with these negatives. For example, finding a way to keep yourself motivated before you start.


Next up, your