Resistance Bands are elastic bands made of Latex tubing used for strength training. 
* 30 different resistance levels that suit beginners all the way to advanced * Includes: 5 bands, 2 ankle straps, 2 handles, 1 door anchor, 1 nylon carry bag - 
Band length 1.2m / 4-foot Long 
* High quality exercise band tubing for long life
 * They are light weight, portable and a great space saving piece of exercise equipment. 
* Easily create over 30 different resistance levels by attaching 1, 2, 3, 4, or all 5 bands to the handles. 
* Perform over a hundred resistance band exercises at home or on the go 
* Home Gym: Allow you to reach your fitness goals without going to the gym. 

11 Piece Resistance Band Set

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