Remo Savino


Remo first got into bodybuilding when  he was left school. He decided je wanted to become like his childhood heroes in WWE who had big muscular physiques.

He also was done with having a small frame. He first joined a gym when he turned 17 and was lucky enough to have a PT there who took him under his wing, and learnt the basic of form how to lift at an early start.

He only went to the gym to become big and more confident. He took bodybuilding seriously in 2015/2016 as he never used to train legs and decided one day he wanted a complete physique. 

He then fell in love with leg day and it's now one of his best assets.

He began competing in 2018 as a bodybuilder but was very unfortunate to not even place due to him being un knowledgeable and not knowing his body. After that first show he vouched to never to let that happen again... 3 months down the line he has managed to win his next show out of 17 guys. Then went on to become ranked 5th in Britain for the PCA Federation.  He then carried on to 2019 when he competed at another PCA show which he won and also a UKBFF show which he came 2nd both making him qualify for their respected British finals all in one month. He says 'I know now bodybuilding is my calling and I will continue to get better'.